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Author’s Statement

The Olde South Series is a photo journey along the back roads of the South documenting and conserving structures that represent a part of our Southern history and our heritage; structures that are rapidly disappearing as a result of Mother Nature, of Father Time, and of urban sprawl. They often represent a time of hard work, of family strength, and a time of telling stories on the porch at the end of the day. And, in some cases, they just represent memories of when we were younger and establishing our own visual references and personal stories. Today, the interstates zip us past this history and as Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings referenced in her novel Cross Creek, “One must venture off the interstate. . .and thru the gate. . .and into the orange grove. . .to truly get home.”

Many of these images come with stories and some with nothing more than a location. Regardless, let these elders tell you their story. I hope you enjoy your time with them.

~ Rick McAllister




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